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"After I got over the fact that I misunderstood the rules of the walk of praying every day for the same street, as opposed to praying for one street at a time once during the week, I put my head down and went to work (I signed up for 4 streets in White Rock, all of which have major ups and downs LOL).

One day, at a particular space of 3-4 houses, I was overwhelmed with grief and started to cry for the topic that I was praying for. It stopped immediately once I past those houses. Again it happened further down that same street for a series of 3 houses on a totally different prayer topic. I was overtaken with sadness and sorrow and started to cry. It was the oddest sensation.

On another one of the streets, there is a psychic meditation business (fortune telling), that I stomp my feet as I walk by it and pray against the darkness that exists around that house. I also pray that God would redeem the people in there and for their protection. My heart immediately starts to beat loudly and I begin to sweat. That’s a weird sensation as well.

Lastly, this morning, I was unsettled after a very divisive phone call from a family member over COVID. I had to get up early and shake off the frustration and sadness. At 4:30am in the torrential downpour, I made my way through the 4 street route, crying and singing out loud to God the whole hour and a half. In the midst of being completely soaked, my dog glaring at me the whole way (as I’m sure he would rather of been left in his bed), God met me in my pain and turned it into rejoicing over the streets I was on. It was an amazing walk and I barley felt the rain at all. It’s a good thing it was so early and I was the only one nuts enough to be out because I’m pretty sure I was shouting at times and dancing. I wonder if that’s how David felt.

While my lower body isn’t too happy with me at this point, I believe God will help me finish strong as we all join in one voice over our neighbors.

Looking forward to ending with everyone."

Peace Portal Alliance